Breaking Stalin

Breaking Stalin

Chapter XXXVII-Stalin goes protemp

“But what happened?”
“Well as you already know the beginning of the revolt, soldiers from the Kronstadt naval base marched on the capital last week.  They went straight to Lenin’s residence, but Lenin reportedly called for a peaceful demonstration.  He wasn’t ready for a hostile takeover, so the men marched to the Tauride Palace, the seat of the Soviet, and they spoke to Chernov, who also told them to calm themselves.  I guess one soldier yelled out ‘Take power, you son-of-a-bitch, when it is given to you.’  It was getting pretty ugly.  But the demonstrators eventually dispersed and the men returned back to their base.  But then you saw the article...”  Soso’s tooth latched onto his lip.
“Yes…I saw the article.”
“Well Lenin was reported as a German agent sent to stop the resistance, and he got news last night that he was under suspicion of arrest, along with a few other prominent leaders in our party.”
“Which means what?”
“Well, comrade, without them to lead us, you’re in charge.”  Soso looked at his young attendee.

“And this means there’s the possibility Lenin was right all along.  Ach, I’ve been such a fool.  If we want to take power?  We will have to do so violently, whether the revolution has begun or not.”

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