Breaking Stalin

Breaking Stalin

Chapter VIII-Economics

“Correspondence from Lenin, Comrade Bukharin.”  Kolya looked up from the paper he was writing on his desk and beckoned to the young man, who had just walked into the room to bring it to him.  He gave an abrupt salute before exiting.  Kolya smiled, the man was barely younger than himself, and yet he was being saluted.  He shook his head again as he opened the folded letter.
He stared at it for what seemed like minutes before the voice of Ivan in the corner interrupted his thoughts.  “Well, what does it say?”
Bukharin sighed, “It says the revolution is near, and we have no bloody economic plan.  He says we…are to come up with one.”
“But we have one,”  Ivan interjected elatedly, “the revolution of the proletariat in the modern capitalist nations…”
“Yes, I know, but he wants a backup plan.”
“A backup plan?  You mean completely give up on the whole concept of Marxism and just have a revolution here in Russia?”  Kolya shook his head in confusion, but still smiled back at his friend’s incredulous face hopefully.
“Well…it is just a backup plan.”  Ivan gave a slightly relieved smirk.
“At least the revolution is close, it’s already October.”

“Yes, the leaves have changed, one would think the government should too, don’t you think?”  They both smiled naively at each other, not knowing what the end of October would really bring.

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