Breaking Stalin

Breaking Stalin

Chapter V-SR withdrawals

“Yes, Comrade Spiridinova.”  A sinister looking woman had just entered the room flanked by six other members of the Sovnarkom.
“Comrades we have had enough of this.  We Socialist Revolutionaries have supported your party through some of the most difficult stages of the revolution.  We supported your seizures of anarchist holdings, we were even there to push through the reforms of grain requisitioning among the peasants.  But we cannot stand for this.  Comrade Lenin has just signed into effect a peace treaty with the Germans that cedes many of our western territories to their control.  We are leaving our peasant populace completely to the whims of the German menace.  We find ourselves no longer able to participate in this coalition government.  You are completely alone now.”
Without another word she turned and walked out with the other members of the Left SR’s.  Lenin turned and looked exasperatedly at Trotsky.
“See, no commitment.”  Trotsky looked at the rest of the commissioners.

“We are alone, gentlemen.”

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